How Google Made Us Fall In Love

About Us

In 2006 – 07, a time when Google was evolving as a brand name for search and investing a premium price to buy advertising channels & platforms like Youtube, Double Click – excited us to investigate about Google, unknowingly fell in love with SEO, which is the outcome of core values at Google search.

Treating Google as a library and started analysing the ways it filters and retries data and serves results for visitor coming from different location. (In simple, a librarian cannot serve the same book to a visitor from different locations).

A step further, SEO helped to discover rich content, enhancing our skills in various channels of online marketing, branding and analytics, added as a top up to our core sales & marketing experience. Leveraging this experience, started Eagle Media, helping business to build and establish online, increase brand awareness and scale up to reach global markets

Our Aim

• Offer market research, competitor analysis, marketing strategy and market across online marketing channels.

• Project better performing SMEs before domestic corporate companies to outsource their needs.

• Present potential importers on the lookout for reliable SMEs to source their requirements.

• Connect potential SMEs to access to finances to expand operations.

• Scale up potential SMEs to reach global markets and research ways to increase their exports.

• Provide training to SMEs on how to do business on market places like Amazon.

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